Ocean Warriors awarded

Got some great news this morning, Ocean Warriors, the Animal Planet series we worked on in Palau back in October 2015 has been given the Genesis award for Outstanding Television Series.

The series follows dedicated individuals and organizations that have made it their calling to stand up and do something in the global effort to  protect the worlds oceans.

The crew of the PSS Remeliik and film crew from Animal Planet Ocean Warriors series upon return from patrol. Palau, October 2015

For our part at Lightning Strike, we provided fixing services for the 3 man film crew here in Palau as well as drone, time-lapse, underwater media production and filming on the patrol boat PSS Remeliik. We joined the crew as they chased down illegal fishing boats near the South West Islands close to the Indonesian border.

The experience was a real eye-opener to see how a small documentary film crew works on location as well as the work being done to protect Palau’s EEZ from illegal fishing.


A big thanks to Pete Zucchini for the opportunity.