Plastic Pollution in Pristine Palau

Reality Check

Even in Palau Plastic Pollution is becoming a serious problem. Whilst filming on location in one of Palau’s most beautiful locations of  Kayangel the other day it was horribly apparent what a enormous issue it is. I put together this short film on what we found there.


We are killing our environment

Human activities are impacting everywhere on the small fragile planet, from the deepest oceans to the upper atmosphere. By far the biggest cause is the sheer number of people. Population control must be tackled immediately if we are to have any hope of bringing other environmental problems to acceptable or sustainable levels.

plastic pollution

Our species consumes so many natural resources and creates so much pollution, it is literally killing it’s own environment. Just like anything that lives beyond it’s environments ability to support it, we will die off as the environment we need to survive fails.

Our oceans are filling with plastic. So many millions of single use bottles. How many can you see in the above image alone?

Watch the film above and listen to the admittedly windy dialog, but the message here is that we should be aiming to cut down on those single use plastic containers. Bottled water or drinks are one of the biggest contributors. Please think about purchasing reusable bottles and taking them with you. If you think that the above photo is just a couple of square meters of one beach the unbelievable scale of this problem might begin to dawn on you. Please make the effort to cut down on your plastic use. This issue is not going away.

A friend of mine recently wrote a blog post on her efforts to cut down on plastic usage, read it here.

Check out this link for positive thinking companies in Indo who specialize on lowering their impact on the World.

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9 thoughts on “Plastic Pollution in Pristine Palau”

  1. I strongly recommend that you consider submitting this to Hawaii International Film Festival’s Fall 2017 Showcase!!!!

  2. Richard, I’ll be interested in 360 VR video of Palau that we could use at shows to promote Palau?

  3. As a kid growing up in Palau, my father make it a point to pick up trash on the islands and bring it back for disposal. Back then it was mostly cans… coke, beer, etc.. still litter. I wish anyone that visits these beautiful islands will take more trash home with them than they arrive with. This would greatly improve the problem.

  4. Good point Peter, if every tour company and tourism authority started to emphasize the problem and how everyone can help by doing their bit, it would raise awareness and help improve the situation.

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