Taking about myself in the 3rd person.

Richard Brooks is an underwater cameraman, drone pilot, Underwater Photographer and overall media producer based in the UK. He is the owner/operator of Lightning Strike Productions.

Originally from the north west of London, UK, he shot his first roll of film with his Mum’s Instamatic 100 at age 10 on a school trip to Tenby in south west Wales. Attending Plymouth University and experimenting with an Olympus SLR he graduated with an Environmental Science degree in ’96.

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Richard then enrolled in a series of dive courses at Fort Bovisand in the UK. He continued his diving education in the tropics after working in Greece studying, then tending to Loggerhead Turtles.

After a few years working as a SCUBA instructor and resort underwater cameraman in the Caribbean, he spent 13 years living in Palau where he founded Lightning Strike Productions. In 2021 he returned to the UK.

Lightning Strike Productions has over the years, filmed for many clients on a wide spectrum of projects. Richard combines his knowledge and love for the environment with his love of telling a story through media.

Richard has continued to develop his company and now dives with a closed circuit rebreather to maximise opportunity when filming underwater. He couples this with Cinematic cameras for the best in imaging quality.

After years of developing remote controlled vehicles, Richard is also enjoying drone technology and the huge number of opportunities it’s bringing with it. Flying is a passion and filming with the latest in drones is like a dream come true.

Time-lapse techniques are enjoyed and employed to demonstrate nature’s secrets. Whether it’s the transition of day to night, corals reproduction, weather patterns, underwater scenery, plants growing or the passage of celestial objects. Richard loves it when it works….and the huge choice of photos when it doesn’t.


Underwater cameraman Palau Richard Brooks

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