70 islands Palau aerial filming and photography

Palau fixer services

Lightning Strike Productions are an independent & all round media specialist in Palau. We can help you with our fixer services for your production in Palau.

We have more than 25 years of media experience in Palau, well connected with Government, NGOs, local businesses, guides, tour operators and organisations. 

Our goal is to make your production /shoot as productive and fun as possible. Nobody wants to be limited by bureaucracy or searching for locations, we can find you the right guides, information, locations, communications, assets, filming permits and boat charters. 

70 islands Palau aerial filming and photography


The 70 islands of Palau

Our independent status allows us to provide you with the best information and resources, not just our own partners.

This gives you the best choice across a range of accommodations, car rentals, boat charters etc. that fits your budget.

Fixer services palau interview media production

Location scout Palau

Palau is overwhelmingly beautiful and provides incredible choices for producers and DPs. Too much choice in fact and if you are after something specific you will need some help. We can help you with this.

Shallow colorful coral reefs, wrecks, caverns, views for sunsets or sunrises, native birds, marine lakes, Rock Island vistas….. If you have a creative vision, we can help you realise it.

Our collaboration with local guides and experts can put you and your camera in places very few people have seen, places where phenomenal natural events occur allowing you to capture stunning visuals for your production.

Kayangel tropical atoll aerial panorama

Palau & filming permits 

In Palau you need filming permits. It can be a bureaucratic, time consuming business acquiring them.

Palau is a small country split into 16 States each with their own governors and each having their own permits, fees and areas they control. 

There is also a Jellyfish lake permit, drone flying permits, rock island permits, access fees etc.  Each application is dealt with on a case by case basis and requires a personal approach….

Lightning Strike fixer services for Palau will do all the possible groundwork before your plane lands, so you can focus on the reason you’re in Palau instead of dealing with bureaucracy.

Camera rental Palau

Be aware that Palau is not a very media production friendly enviroment, there is no camera dealer or camera shop on island, therefore it can be convenient or even vital that our fixer services can help you with finding and renting camera equipment. 

If you need an operator for that camera we can help you there too.

Drone camera palau fixer services

Palau & boat charters / operators

Most productions coming to Palau rely on boats to get them to the filming locations so it’s imperitive that boats and operators are reliable. Our local knowledge is invaluable here, we can advise you of the best operators for your budget, needs and location. 

Palau, nature, timing

Palau is synonymous with tropical aquatic environments and some subject are very date/hour sensitive. You need to know where and when to be there to get the natural behavior you desire.

We are not going to claim to know everything or that we discovered this or that but we can say that we are very well connected to people with the knowledge and the access and we can be the conduit for you.

A National Geographic quote: “You can compare Palau with Jurassic Park with the difference that Palau is real” 

shark aggregation wildlife fixer filming underwater services palau

Stock Footage from Palau

With over 10 years of filming in Palau on a variety of projects in a variety of marine and terrestrial environments with a variety of techniques, we have a good (yes you’ve guessed it) Variety of stock footage available in both HD and UHD. So if you need some relevant B-Roll or specifics you didn’t manage to acquire during your time here, contact us. If you just need some stock footage on Palau for your project look here. We can find something that will expand on and compliment what you have.

Summary of other logistic and fixer services:


    • Hotel accomodations

    • Ground transport

    • Dinner reservations 

    • Local talent 

    • Interviews

    • Catering

    • Guides

    • Subject specialists

    • Communications support

    • Production support

    • Aircraft

We make sure that your focus can be on your project and not the logistics.

Palau Fixer Services = Lightning Strike Productions

The weather in Palau

For forecasts I use the NOAA satellite site here and wind guru for Koror Palau to see what might be happening in the next week or so.

What you can expect is a variable forecast throughout the year, it used to be the case that the wet season was roughly June to October however it seems that nature has other plans and it changes from year to year.

Sunrise in Palau calm water clouds time-lapse

Infrastructure in Palau

Whilst it is constantly improving, the basic infrastructure within Palau is still a little ways behind what many consider 1st world. Expect power, water and communications outages, expect the internet to be slow and expensive, expect that your phone may not work here. 

Palau is largely based on the U.S system, so it’s 110V electricity, although not very stable. If you have delicate electrical equipment, consider bringing your own surge protectors.

Please contact us with any questions concerning Palau, we would be happy to discuss any plans or requests.

We can save you valuable time, money and frustration.

Our goal is to help you have a successful production /shoot and enjoy your work and down time in Palau.

Don’t just take out word for it:


“Richard was a great help when we were filming our Energizer commercial for the US. His knowledge of the local waters, flexibility and good humour were key to the success of our shoot. This becomes all the more remarkable when you consider the inevitable changes of plan that are forced on you by weather, the sea and most importantly, the marine life that we were there to capture.”

Ben Roberts, Producer, Interrogate Agency. October 2010

“I was recommended to Richard by another producer, who had worked with him on a project for Arte in 2009. I requested of Richard to provide footage for my film. His camera work provided stunning images and his technical skills enabled an exact and satisfying delivery of the media. My thanks to you.”

Philippe Lagnier, Producer, Capa Press Agency, June 2011

“ParableVR worked with Lightning Strike on a virtual reality film for The Economist about Palau’s coral reefs. From beginning to end they were a joy to work with and were key to the breathtaking VR footage that we eventually achieved. We would work with them again in a heartbeat.”

Jonathan Rudd, Director,  December 2016

So contact us for the best fixing service in Palau

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