A series of articles covering filming tips for underwater camera operators, drone pilots and editors to ensure that you get the best in production and the edit suite. Taken from over 20 years of experience working around the world.

Underwater scene with sunlight

7 ways to be a better underwater camera operator

How to improve your underwater footage Being a good underwater camera operator is a combination of many factors. Your physical ability to free dive or dive is paramount but also understanding the environment you are working in is vital. Both affect the footage you are hoping to capture. This article will endeavour to explain the […]

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Drone Filming Services UK

Drone Services

Contact us for a quote Are you looking for a Professional Pilot for Drone services in the UK? Benefits of Drones Drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology has skyrocketed in the last decade. Onboard control systems that can assess the aircraft’s orientation in 3 axes 50 times a second are now industry standard. Cameras

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